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Greg Roemer


Greg is a passionate, and motivational leader with exceptional interpersonal and operational skills. 28 years of industry experience and extensive experience as a management executive, project manager and designer in various market sectors; LNG, Natural Gas, Heavy Oil & Bitumen, Conventional Oil & Gas, Midstream, Downstream & Petrochemical.

Founded a company at the age of 36 and grew the business to over 120 staff within 3 years. Created strategies to transform the business into a full EPC service offering. Led a team of professionals and inspired a culture of strong values and DNA. Analyzed the business to find areas of opportunities and capitalized on them by rolling out strategies to accommodate the everchanging industry.

Implemented project executive techniques to increase gross margin while remaining competitive. Successfully developed an Indigenous Engagement Strategy and unique commercial partnership, leading to the award of an LNG EPCC contract.

Negotiated an acquisition by a major global Construction, EPC player, allowing the business to gain access to new global markets and clients.


Greg Roemer
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