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Thomas Nyce - Vice President, Indigenous Engagement

Updated: May 29, 2023

We are very pleased to announce Thomas (TJ) Nyce as VP, Indigenous Engagement for Next10 Project Solutions Ltd.

Thomas has owned and successfully operated his own consulting company, Gilwa Consulting Inc., for the past 5 years. He has extensive experience in Indigenous Affairs; Consultation & Engagement; Cultural Sensitivity in business practices; Negotiations; Strategic planning & Development; Policy writing & Application; Operation execution; and Business Services. Thomas is proudly Indigenous with direct ties to the Haisla and Kitselas peoples in BC's Pacific northwest. He draws from his traditional and ancestral values of language and culture to affirm business applications for GCI clientele. Thomas was honoured to receive one of the traditional names of his grandfather, Tom Nyce, through Haisla's traditional ceremony. In the Haisla language, 'Hha-Se-Leh-Ne-Yooch' translates directly to mean Canoe Builder. In Haisla, gilwa translates to canoe.

Thomas recognizes the importance of supporting the relationship between Indigenous peoples, industry, and government. He uses his hereditary context to assist clients in developing their own 'canoe' to navigate their journey working alongside Indigenous peoples. His background within industry and connection to his traditional values have allowed him to successfully engage with Indigenous communities in various roles throughout his career. His approach is genuine, authentic, and always with the intent to strengthen the relationship between Indigenous communities and the affiliated stakeholder.

Next10 is a client-focused Consultancy, Indigenous Engagement, and Project Solutions service provider. We deliver innovative and sustainable project solutions, primarily focusing on North American renewable and traditional energy market sectors.

We are excited to see Thomas lead our Indigenous Engagement Services group and look forward to his many contributions in helping drive Next10's growth.

Please join us in welcoming Thomas to Next10 Project Solutions Ltd.


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