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Updated: Sep 4, 2023

On June 21st, we honor and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, a time to recognize Indigenous communities' invaluable contributions, rich cultures, and enduring resilience. Join us at Next10 as we reflect upon our shared history and embrace the diversity and wisdom of Indigenous peoples. Together, let's strive for understanding, healing, and positive change.

Here are ten ways you can help celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day:

  1. Educate yourself: Take the time to deepen your understanding and learn more about Indigenous peoples' diverse histories, cultures, and experiences.

  2. Engage in respectful dialogue: Engage in open and respectful conversations about Indigenous issues with friends, family, or colleagues. Listen to diverse perspectives and challenge stereotypes, fostering understanding and empathy.

  3. Advocate for change: Educate yourself on the challenges Indigenous communities face, such as inequality, discrimination, and issues affecting land and water rights. Use your voice to advocate for positive change.

  4. Support Indigenous-owned businesses: Seek out Indigenous-owned shops, restaurants, and organizations in your area and make a conscious effort to support them.

  5. Attend cultural celebrations: Participate in Indigenous cultural celebrations, such as powwows, festivals, or ceremonies.

  6. Participate in land acknowledgments: Research and understand the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples in your region. Begin gatherings, events, or meetings with a land acknowledgment to show respect and recognition.

  7. Volunteer or donate to Indigenous organizations: Reach out to local Indigenous organizations and inquire about volunteer opportunities or contribute to initiatives that promote Indigenous rights, education, cultural preservation, or community development.

  8. Support Indigenous art and artists: Purchase artwork, crafts, or traditional Indigenous items directly from Indigenous artists.

  9. Indigenous storytelling: Invite a local Indigenous elder or knowledge keeper to share traditional stories, legends, and teachings with your organization.

  10. Remember that celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day is not limited to a single day but should be a continuous effort to honor and uplift Indigenous peoples throughout the year.

Celebrate history, heritage, and resilience of Indigenous Peoples


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