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Celebrating National Indigenous History Month

June marks National Indigenous History Month in Canada, a time dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the rich cultures, traditions, and contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. This month is an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on the profound history and diverse heritage of Indigenous communities. As we honor this month, it's important to acknowledge the past and the path forward.  

Here are 10 meaningful actions we can take to engage and show our support:

1. EDUCATE OURSELVES: Take the time to learn about the history, cultures, and languages of Indigenous peoples. Resources like the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous-led organizations offer valuable insights.

2. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Engage with Indigenous communities to build meaningful and respectful relationships. Listen to their stories, understand their perspectives, and foster genuine connections.

3. SUPPORT INDIGENOUS BUSINESSES: Contribute to the economic empowerment of Indigenous communities by supporting Indigenous-owned businesses and artisans.

4. BE AN ALLY: Stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples by advocating for their rights, amplifying their voices, and supporting their initiatives. Being an ally means committing to ongoing learning and taking action against injustices.

5. CELEBRATE INDIGENOUS ART AND STORIES: Explore Indigenous literature, films, music, and art. These expressions are powerful ways to understand and appreciate Indigenous perspectives and experiences.

6. PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS: Attend events, workshops, and webinars that celebrate Indigenous history and culture. These events provide opportunities to learn and engage with Indigenous communities.

7. SUPPORT EDUCATION INITIATIVES: Advocate for and support educational programs that teach Indigenous history and perspectives in schools and universities.

8. PROTECT INDIGENOUS LANDS: Support efforts to protect and preserve Indigenous lands and the environment.

9. PROMOTE WORKPLACE INCLUSION: Encourage your organization to create inclusive workplaces that respect and value Indigenous employees and their contributions.

10. ADVOCATE FOR POLICY CHANGE: Support and advocate for policies that address historical injustices and promote the rights and well-being of Indigenous peoples.



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